Welcome, this blog is dedicated to all things beauty and divine that inspire us to enjoy more of the delicious life. You will find inspiration to being more sweet, creative, fabulous, charming, whimsical, delightful, radiant, stunning, exquisite, glorious & simple beautiful.




My name is Marie Soderberg and Im the creator to this blog were I pays tribute to the beauty that surrounds us. At this page you will find a wonderful mix of beautiful interior design & fashion, inspirational images and interviews with interior & fashion profiles.

I live in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden in the middle if the town in a beautiful apartment build in 1920th with my family, husband and 2 children (Philip & Sophie). 

I run a interior store - Stilrummet. That is so much fun. The name is the Swedish counterpart to Classic Style. (www.stilrummet.se)  I also write for  local newspaper, whats happening in our town-  read about it HERE

I hope you will find inspiration at my page and please do not hasitate to contact me if there is anything you consider. 

I wish you a brilliant day