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Wallpaper French Chateau

This weekend was extra exciting for me and my company Stilrummet ( style room)
I released a wallpaper at the interior fair in Stockholm. 
Well, I sort of "tiptoed" it very modestly in to the fair and let one of my suppliers decorate their fair place with it. 
And we all loved it.
So the next step is to start selling it in our store and webbshop. Hurray. 
The wallpaper is really extra beautiful with furniture and decor from Frejas Boning. Our webbshop www.STILRUMMET.se

The wallpaper in its entirety. More info at www.stilrummet.se

Lovely cushion fabric Frejas Boning.

close up wallpaper bottom

Shabby Chic lifestyle

Happy New Year everyone.

Since I for the first time heard the namn "shabby chic" people also said ( very quickly) 
that this Shabby "thing" only was a trend.
Well. I don't think so honey. HA!
Is has become a Lifestyle of living. And I LOVE it.

Since the year I start blogging my most popular post has been just about Shabby Chic ..and also
( I just have to edmit) the amazing Hamptons Style.

Here is some of the Shabby Chic pictures through the years.

Picture from post https://classicstyleinthecity.com/2011/05/shabby-chic-dining-room.html
from post https://classicstyleinthecity.com/2010/12/french-black-shabby-chic.html

Amazing Company

There are companies and there are companies.

...and this one is one of those touches my heart
Majas Cottage from Sweden. 
So, what are they doing?
well, except that they are designing beautiful candle lanterns in various collections 
they donate a large part of their profits to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation.

Worn and Beautiful

The worn style and the desire to reuse old things and furniture just seems to increase. I like that attitude and feeling very much. 

Welcoming entrance

Rustic Canyon New Home - traditional - exterior - los angeles - Tim Barber LTD Architecture & Interior Design
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