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Icon Wedding Dresses

I have mad a list of Top 5 Icon Brides,..it was Not easy...there is a LOT of Icon brides *out there*..Oh my godness ..so many beauties..allright ... first, When you look at the pictures under Audrey Hepurn you got the feeling that the wedding dress designer was thinking of Audrey Hepurn when she create them...so elegant wedding dresses and..Yes SO Audrey Hepurn..what do you think?
Audrey or not?

the pictures are so quiet and simply elegant

Well then, Time for TOP 5 Icon Brides so lets go back in time for a while ....
 Icon bride no 1 Grace Kelly
Grace Kelly wedding with Furst Rainer of Monaco
It says ;-,It is to this day, Grace Kelleys wedding dress is one of the most beautiful wedding gowns ever created
Icon bride no 2 Jackie Kennedy

Icon bride No 3 Priscilla Presley
Icon Bride No 4 Marilyn Monroe
Icon Bride No 5 Elisabeth Taylor
17 year old Elisabeth Taylor wearing a beautiful Long Satin Wedding dress when she married Conrad Hilton
Elisabeth Taylor and Richard Burton at their First wedding in 1964
Elisabeth Taylor was married 8 times with 7 different man, Richard Burton was the love of her life, they were married twice.
Picture source: Four beautiful white vintage weddingdresses from spanish designer rosa clara from collection 2009, via wedding knew, icon bride Grace kelly via ,Wedding between Elvis Presley and Priscilla via blog beyondretro, Marilyn Monroe marrige with Atrhur Miller via blog
Amazing Elisabeth Taylor first wedding dress picture via art, and Elisabeth Taylor wedding with Richard Burton via blog Hampton Hostess

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  1. Lynda26 April 2011 at 19:19

    Audrey is my all time favourite!!! Love those dresses...*SIGH*......all those brides are just PERFECT!!!!
    Just a few more days!!!;))


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